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A week ago

I broke my ankle on Saturday, May 19th.  
I got a pretty hot pink cast wrapped around my leg on Monday, May 21st.
I got stuffed into an SUV and driven from Dallas, Texas, to Corpus Christi, TX (8 hour drive) on Saturday, May 26th.

My dad decided he wanted to take a family trip, like back in the old days, before all the death and destruction.  He didn't count on me breaking my ankle.  I didn't count on my agreeing to still go, but I went.  

These are the highlights.

My dad decided that since it was Memorial Day weekend it would be apropos to take the radar detector.  Unfortunately the car we were in had super treated dashboards, meaning dad couldn't affix the radar detector to the dash.  He instead decided it would be a good idea to use two-sided tape to afix the radar detector to the windshield.  This good idea lasted about 30 minutes before gravity took it's toll.  The detector fell off the windshield causeing my dad fo flinch.  
I was sitting in the back seat at the time, with my broken leg propped on the console up between the two front seats.
The radar detector fell on my foot.  Then dad flinched, and his elbow hit my foot too.  Both hits hurt.  I yelled and bit my hand so as not to curse.  I drew a bit of blood.

We got to the hotel.  My legs were a bit numb.  It turns out our hotel room was on the second floor.  There was no elevator in this hotel.  I stood there on my crutches, looking up the flight of stairs.  I tried to crutch up them, but didn't have the dexterity to do so.  So I had to sit down, and scooch up the stairs.  This was a bit humiliating.  
Still I didn't complain, as I knew that there was no way I was going to actually vacation on my vacation.  I can't crutch on the beach, I can't crutch on the naval ship that would be open for tours, I can stay in the hotel room with my leg propped up watching television, which is what I was doing at home.
My dad and his girlfriend complained to management, and eventually I got relocated to a room downstairs.

I shared a room with my brother.  My brother and I haven't slept in the same room in over 20 years.  He snores.  I'm told I snore too.  But my snoring wasn't what kept me awake at night.  It was mostly his.  He also goes to sleep much earlier than I do.  I guess I've been single too long.  I have no idea what it's like sharing a space with someone.  

The next day the family got up early, took showers, and went off to go site seeing.  They invited me along, but I knew that would be a bad idea.  It was the first good decision I had made in three weeks.  They went to the aquarium, the naval ship, the beach.  I stayed in my hotel room and watched Man Vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel.  I got to see host Bear Grylls bite the head off a live snake so he could eat.  Bear Grylls kicks Les Stroud's (Surviorman) ass.
I was happy not to be out crutching around in tiny places.  But I was a little sad when they came back showing me all the little trinkets they bought at overpriced giftshops.

The whole reason for the trip was to visit an uncle I hadn't seen in 10 years.  We visited him for an hour then left to go eat.

The drive back was just as long as the drive out.  My brother brought his camera along for the ride, and kept taking pictures.  Truthfully, I don't like having my picture taken.  We did get to stop at the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco (I bought some Dr. Pepper).  And we stopped at the Hilsboro outlet malls where I finally bought some shorts so I don't have to force my casted leg through pants and jeans.  So... yay I guess.

I went back to work on May 30th.  It was hard.
I got punched in the gut on May 31st.
I've been in a sad funk ever since.
Tomorrow will be better, hopefully.

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