jeff (jeffhernandez) wrote,

Haiku You!

I decided as a fun little experiment to just sit around and write a handful of Haikus last night before going to sleep.  This is what I came up with.... Oh and hold onto your hats... this is deep powerful stuff... change your life wicked.



Kangaroos jumping

up and down the sandy hill

jumping in the breeze

Airplane in the sky

where are you going today

far away from here

Today is no good

no good for frivolity

i shall sleep it off

Heat radiating

within the core of the earth

where hot lava flows

Enemies are we

yelling punching each other

i stomp your foot

Rain comes down on me

once again more than cloud mist


I shall not let go

broken shards lay on the floor

it slipped from my hand

Nouns proper are we

now looking at each other

finally seeing 

Elemental burst

from the bowels of the planet

volcano erupts

Intentional knife

cuts so deeply into you

now say you're sorry

Matter floats aimless

through the darkened vacuumed space

will it find a home?

I care not for you

sad stale mundane misanthrope

go away now please

Sulfer burns the air

laminated orange skyline

now the end is near

Socks in the corner

tossed with no care of placement

my mother was right

You cannot see me

there is too much to distract

us from me to you

Outside it grows cold

the warmth has dissipated

please protect yourself

Underneath this guise

i do not know what we play

when we play ourselves

MM-MM!  Powerful.  Like a vodka laced Cherry Coke Slurpee being gulped down you gullet.
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