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Writer's Strike Part II

So, now that the Writer's Strike has ruined the Golden Globe awards, I finally present the second half of the season of "24 as written by Jeff Hernandez!"
(On a side note- it's not easy writing a tv show by yourself... so sorry if you see typos or there's something that doesn't make sense... just think of it as a regular season of 24).

Previously on 24…

Jack slept.  A bad guy named Wendell Wordsworth bought Plutonium from a ex-soviet spy named Vlad.  Jack went grocery shopping and met a woman.  Jack got called into CTU.





“I used to know a Wendell Wordsworth.” Jack says at the CTU offices.  “It can’t be the same guy.”

“I don’t care if it’s the love child of Santa Clause and Marilyn Monroe!  Bauer, he has Plutonium.  He’s got enough to make a bomb.  We need to know what he’s up to.” Says Jack’s boss

“I understand.  But this kid I knew.  Wendell.  We fought once while playing baseball.” 

“I don’t care.”

“It’s just… well, we always seemed to be competing against one another.  As we grew up.  We would always get into scuffles.  On the baseball field.  On the basketball court.  Then my junior year of high school… things got really bad.  I got drunk one night.  I was driving home, through the neighborhoods.  Wendell was out walking his dog.  I guess Wendell didn’t have the dog on a leash.  The dog ran out in front of my car.  I tried to swerve, but I just wasn’t paying attention.  I killed his dog.  I remember him yelling at me, as I drove off, ‘I’ll get you Bauer!  I’ll get you!’  I’ll never forget that.”

“PLUTONIUM!” Jack’s boss yells.

 The Bad guy’s apartment:

“I hate Jack Bauer.  He killed my dog you know.” Wendell says to no one in particular.

“Yes, we’ve heard you tell this story dozens of times before.” Says the woman that Jack met at the grocery store.  She is intently looking at her laptop.

“Well, you obviously hate the guy too.  Otherwise you never would have joined my Facebook group.”

“I have my reasons to get revenge on Bauer.”

“What are you looking at?” Wendell asks.  "Are you on Facebook?"

“I met with Bauer today.”  She says.

“You did what?”

“I put a tracer on him.  He’s at work right now.”

“Well, let’s get him.”

“No.  Not yet.” She says pulling out her phone.

The phone rings at CTU.

“We’ve got a location on Vlad!” Someone yells. 

“Go Jack!”

Jack runs out to his car.

Jack’s phone rings.  He looks at the ID, it’s Nancy, the woman from the grocery store.  Jack sends it to voice mail. 

“Hi Jack.  It’s Nancy,” Nancy says from the apartment.  “Look, I know we set a date for Friday, but really, why wait.  It turns out my night is free.  Call me.”

Jack hops in his car.  His phone announces that he has one new voice mail.  Jack pulls out into traffic.  He sits and waits.  And waits.  And waits.  End episode. 



 Jack checks his voice mail while waiting in traffic.

 Back at the bad guy’s apartment Wendell is sleeping on the couch.  He’s dreaming…

Wendell is sitting in his apartment, throwing darts at a dartboard- more specifically a page out of a high school yearbook, most of the darts and dart holes encircle a picture of Jack Bauer.

Wendell’s computer makes a noise.

Wendell sits behind his computer and looks at the screen.

“SEE!” he yells, “I told you!  I told you I wasn’t the only one!”

“What are you talking about?” a voice answers.

“Someone joined my Facebook group.”


“Someone joined my ‘I hate Jack Bauer’ Facebook group!”

“Wendell, honey…”

“I knew I wasn’t alone mom.”

Wendell’s mom enters the room.

“Wendell honey, you can’t keep obsessing over Jack Bauer.”

“He killed Mr. Muffles mom!”

“Whatever.  Clean your room.”

 Wendell types on his computer…


“Wake up!” Nancy yells to Wendell.

“What?” Wendell asks waking up.

“You’ve been asleep for 45 minutes.”

 “I was dreaming.”

“I don’t care.”

“About the time we met.  Not met in person, but online.”

“I don’t care.  We have to move.”

“Where are we going?”

“It’s time.”

End Episode



Jack runs with gun drawn into a warehouse.

“Vlad?  Vlad Chechnovitch!” Jack yells.

Vlad walks out of a room.  There is pink frosting on his mouth.

“What do you know about stolen Plutonium?” Jack asks.


ELSWHERE: Wendell and Nancy are driving.

“Where are we going?” Wendell asks.
“It’s time.” Nancy says.

“We’re doing this now.”


“The bomb.”

“Oh.  We’re really doing that.”

“We’re really doing that.”

“What did you think we were doing?”

“Wait, it’s in the car?”

“The Plutonium?  Yes.”

“I’m in the car with the Plutonium?” Wendell asks nervously

“You were in the car with the Plutonium before.”

“Yes, and I was nervous then too.  The less time I’m in the same area as that case the better.”

“How did you think it was going to get to CTU?” Nancy asks.

“I thought you would take it.”


Just then lights flash in the car’s rear view mirror. 

“Dammit.” Nancy says.

The car pulls over.

“Is there a problem officer?”

“Ma’am, do you know how fast you were driving?”

“Um, I’m sorry, I was in a hurry, there’s a…”

“It’s not going to go off is it?” Wendell asks.

“Not now Wendell.” Nancy says under hushed breath.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me?” The officer asks.


Vlad is tied into a chair.  Jack has his gun drawn.  There is a table full of pink frosted donuts sitting five feet in front of Vlad.

“What do you know?” Jack asks.

“I brought it over this morning.  A guy named Wordsworth bought it.  Please, may have the donuts now?”

“Wendell Wordsworth?”


“What do you know about Wendell Wordsworth?”

“I know he hates you for running over his dog.  Please, can I have the donuts?”

“You and your donuts can go to hell.”

Jack knocks Vlad unconscious, and knocks the table of donuts over.  He takes out his cell phone and calls CTU.

“It’s Jack.  Wendell Wordsworth, I killed his dog.  It’s me he wants.”

End Episode.




“I’m leaving Vlad in the warehouse.  He’s unconscious.  I’m driving over to Wendell Wordsworth’s mom’s house.” Jack says into the cell phone.

On the side of the road: Nancy and Wendell have been pulled over by a traffic cop for speeding.  They have Plutonium in the trunk of their car. 

“Ma’am, could you step out of the vehicle?” The cop asks.

“Officer, we’re kind of in a hurry.  My sister, she’s having a baby up at the hospital, and I’m on my way to…” Nancy tries to reason with the officer.

“Could you step out of the vehicle ma’am?”  The officer asks.

Beads of sweat start to drip down Wendell’s face.

Jack is sitting in his car, stuck in rush hour traffic.  His phone rings.

“Bauer.  No, I’m stuck in traffic.  Well it is 5:15 in the afternoon, plus it looks like there was a wreck or something up around the corner.  Why don’t you send someone down to Wendell’s mom’s house?  Tell them to give her my name.  She always liked me.  I think she used to flirt with me at basketball games.  Do we have any information on Wendell?  Okay, call me back when you get something.”

 Jack sits in slow moving traffic for 47 minutes.

 BACK AT CTU someone sitting at a desk typing on a computer yells out, “I’ve got credit card activity.  He just rented a car!  It’s from Enterprise.  They’ll pick you up!  License plate number…”

 Jack is slowly making his way up to the traffic stop, which he thought was an accident, but is actually Nancy and Wendell arguing with the traffic cop.  His phone rings.

 “Bauer.” He answers, “Really?  What’s that plate number again?”  Jack looks out the window.  He looks at the plate of the car that’s been pulled over; it’s the same plate number.  Jack sees Wendell.  Then he sees Nancy.

End Episode.



“Federal agent!  Everybody down on the ground!” Jack yells, gun drawn, running toward the car.

“BAUER!” Wendell Wordsworth yells.  “You killed my dog!  I hate you!”

“I said I was sorry Wendell.  That was twenty years ago!”

“What’s going on here?” the cop says drawing his gun.

Nancy sucker punches the cop and grabs the cop’s gun.  She fires the gun at Bauer.  Bauer ducks for cover.  Nancy opens the trunk of the car, revealing the Plutonium bomb. 

“Jack Bauer!” Nancy yells.  “My hero.  American hero Jack Bauer!  You are going to die today.”

“Nancy?” Jack looks stunned. “What are you doing?  Who are you?”

“Who am I?  I’m Nancy Masterson, and you ruined my life.”

“You ruined my life too Bauer!” Wendell yells.

“I’ve never met you before today Nancy.  I don’t even know who you are.” Jack says.

“That’s true.  But you knew my best friend.  My sorority sister.  The girl who was supposed to be my maid of honor at my wedding.  Nina Myers.  Name ring a bell?  She was supposed to be in my wedding.  Then she got involved in the wrong crowd, and the next thing I know she’s a wanted terrorist?  You did this to her.  I know you did it.  My wedding was ruined because of you.”

“Nina was a mole at CTU.  She was, she worked for the bad guys.  She was a bad guy.  I didn’t do anything to…”

“Shut up!  Shut up!  You killed this man’s dog.  You ruined my wedding.  And now you’re going to pay!”

“Wait!” Wendell exclaims.  “You’re not going to shoot the bomb are you?  I really thought we were going to kick the crap out of Jack.  Maybe even kill him.  I didn’t want to kill myself in the process.”

“Shut up Wendell!” Nancy yells.

“At least let me take the bomb out of the trunk and let me drive away!” Wendell says.

“Shut up Wendell!”

“Listen to him Nancy.  You don’t have to blow up half of L.A.  You can just have me.” Jack says.

 Just then several cop cars pull up.  One of which is holding Wendell’s mom.

 “Wendell what are you doing?” Wendell’s mom asks.  “Oh, hello Jack, you look good!”

“Hi Mrs. Wordsworth.” Jack says.

“MOM!” Wendell yells.

 Then the cop that had been rendered unconscious wakes up, grabs Nancy, and wrestles her to the ground.  Police swarm around Nancy and Wendell.  Jack runs to the trunk of the car and dismantles the bomb.

 “Damn you Jack Bauer!” Nancy yells.

“I had nothing to do with it.” Jack says to Nancy.

“I hate you Jack Bauer!” Wendell says.

“Your mom’s going to be mad.” Jack says.

Police clean up the scene.

End Episode.



Jack helps to clean up the altercation scene for 47 minutes.  Then gets in his car to drive to CTU. 

End Episode.



Jack gets to CTU and fills out paper work.

End Episode.



Jack fills out paper work.  Drinks a cup of coffee.  Walks down to the garage to get in his car to drive home. 

End Episode.


9pm-10 pm

Jack eats Chinese food.  Goes home and turns on the television.  Anderson Cooper is on CNN.

End Episode.


Jack takes a shower.  Yawns.  Looks at the television.  "God bless you Anderson Cooper." he says.  Then goes to bed.

End Episode.


Jack sleeps.  Rolls over once.  Coughs.  Wakes up.  Drinks a glass of water.  Goes to bed.

End Episode.

12 am- 1am

Jack sleeps. 

12:32 Jack’s phone rings.  It’s his daughter.

“Dad.  I’m in trouble.” She says.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.  He listens on the phone. “Well, call the plumber.” He says and hangs up the phone.

Jack goes back to sleep.

End Episode.


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