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Writer's Strike!

So, there's a writer's guild strike going on in the entertainment industry.  I love television, and this will start to effect me very soon, as networks are starting to run out of shows that are already in the can.  Some shows have already been torn asunder!  24 (which hadn't even started shooting yet) has cancelled their entire season. 
I refuse to watch reality television, which is what the networks will obviously resort to.  What can I do to help us all in this time of lack of original written television?

JEFF HERNANDEZ PRESENTS 24- the 7th season.  Part one-

(Please remember each hour represents an episode)


1am-2am: Jack is watching CNN.  Anderson Cooper is reporting live from someplace. 

"I wonder how much money he makes." Jack wonders aloud.  Jack brushes his teeth.  Reads in bed, then falls asleep.  He sleeps for 47 minutes.  End episode.


2am-3am: Jack is sleeping.  He wakes up, goes to the bathroom.  Then goes back to sleep.  End Episode.


3am-4am: Jack is sleeping. End Episode.


4am-5am: Jack is sleeping. 

4:45- cut to bad guy getting dressed.  On his mirror there's a list of things to get "for meeting" the list reads, money for uranium, coffee, donuts. End episode.


5am-6am: Jack sleeps.  The alarm goes off at 5:30.  Jack hits the snooze button.

5:45- Bad guy drives into an abandoned warehouse. 

"Sorry I'm late.  The donut guy didn't have any pink donuts.  I know how Vlad loves pink icing"

Bad guy sets his briefcase down on a card table.  He sets out the box of donuts, and sets out the coffees.  He sits beside other men.  They sit and wait.  End Episode.


6am-7am: Jack wakes up and takes a shower.  He brushes his teeth.  He shaves.  He turns on the television.  Anderson Cooper is still on.

"Was he on all night?" Jack wonders aloud.  Jack puts on his running gear.  He picks up his IPOD but it needs recharging. 

"Dammit." Jack says.

The bad guys buy the plutonium.  Vlad eats his pink frosted donut. 

"I love these damn things." Says Vlad. End episode.


7am-8am: Jack goes for a run.  He has to use an old Walkman.  People who run by him laugh at Jack. 

Bad guy who now has plutonium in the trunk of his car gets stuck in early morning traffic.

His phone rings.

"Yeah, I'm on my way.  No, there's traffic.  I don't know some kind of wreck.  Hello?  Hello?"  His cell phone drops the call.

On the radio the voice says, "there's been a wreck on the 101." End Episode.


8am-9am: Jack gets back from his run and takes another shower.

"Why did I take the first shower?" he asks out loud.

He turns on the radio the voice says, "Traffic is still backed up on the 101."

The bad guy is still stuck in traffic.  He's on the phone.

"What if I cut across on Henderson?  Will that get me through to…  Well you're the one that didn't want to pop for a car navigation system!  Well, I don't know.  I don't know!  Fine.  Yeah, I'm gonna stop at a Starbucks.

And at CTU- the phone rings.

"We've got a trace on that missing plutonium!" someone says from a desk.

"Get Bauer on the phone!"  End Episode.


9am-10am: Jack runs out to the grocery store.  His cell phone falls out of his pocket and lands on the kitchen floor as he walks out the door. 

Jack's phone rings.  It's CTU.  The call goes to voice mail.  Jack's home phone rings.  The machine picks it up. 

Jack stops by the dry cleaners and picks up some pants. 

The bad guy runs into a Starbucks.  The line is long.  There is an older woman at the front of the line who is having trouble deciding what she wants to drink. End Episode.


10am-11am: Jack walks through the produce isle.  He's not sure which fruit is ripe.  An attractive woman shows him how to squeeze the fruit.  They laugh at the euphemism.

At CTU the boss says, "Send someone to Jack's house.  Get on the lines, find out who has that plutonium." 

The bad guy finally orders his coffee.  He gets back to his car and finds he's locked his keys in his car.   He calls for a locksmith.  Then he calls his boss.

"Something's come up." He says. End Episode.


11am-12pm: Jack agrees to have lunch another day with the woman.  He goes home to put the milk in the refrigerator.  A CTU agent waits on his front steps.  "What's going on?" Jack asks. 

The locksmith opens up the bad guy's car door.  Traffic has finally cleared up.  He drives an old run down apartment.  He pops open the trunk and they take out a container containing the plutonium.  He walks up to the apartment, and knocks on the door. 


"We have a trace on the missing plutonium." The agent tells Jack. 

"What missing plutonium?" Jack asks.  He looks at the television.  Anderson Cooper is still on.  End episode.


12pm-1pm: Jack calls CTU.  "What do you know?"

"We know that it came out of the Ukraine.  We know it made it into the country last week.  We were able to track it into the city.  It's somewhere in this city.  We know the transport man's name.  It's Wendell Wordsworth.  Close up on Jack. 

FLASHBACK: Jack playing baseball in high school.  Jack is the catcher.  There's a play at the plate.  Jack catches the ball, the runner comes barreling into Jack.  The two fall to the ground.  "OUT!" the umpire yells.  The runner and Jack get into a scuffle.  The runner takes a swing at Jack.  Jack swings back.  The benches empty.  They pull the two players apart.  The opposing team holds back their player.  "Come one Wendell!"  Jack looks and sees Wendell being drug off the field.  Jack sees Wendell turn around.  Jack reads the back of Wendell's jersey.  It says Woodworth.


Wendell sits in a darkened apartment.  He's watching Jeopardy.  People mill around him holding blueprints and maps. 

"Wendell, don't ever be late again." A voice says from the kitchen.  Wendell walks over to the kitchen.  Standing at the sink is the woman Jack met at the grocery store. End Episode.

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