jeff (jeffhernandez) wrote,

Everything old is new again.

Isn't that just the question dear livejournal- where have I been indeed?  Let's see the last time I posted to this thing was back in June of 2008.  Over 3 years ago!  So what's happened in the last three years you ask?  What have you been doing with three years of your life?  Traveling?  I bet.  Totally!  I mean, backpacking around Europe, and hiking in the Himalayas!  Kayaking down the Amazon!  
None of the above.  I went to New York a couple of times.  Saw some art, saw some theater.  Got in a couple of relationships.  Got kicked out of a couple of relationships.  Kept the same job of selling used books to people.  Saw a few movies, had a few laughs, had a few drinks, gained and lost and regained a couple of pounds.  Wrote some plays.  Made some art.  Went on to be extremely lazy, and spent days on the couch eating junk food and watching bad television.  

And then something happened.  I felt myself backsliding into being a generic guy.  I don't do anything.  I don't play a sport.  I don't write plays any longer.  I don't act.  I don't draw, or paint, or make t-shirts, or make odd sculptures.  I don't write blog posts.  I looked up one day and found out I had sort of thrown in the towel on being interesting.

It just kind of snuck up on me... this whole, "holy crap, when did I become so... watching tv, and going to bed, and going to work and this is my life thing?"

I was literally becoming dumber.  Is that sentence even grammatically correct?  I don't know.  I don't know cause I stopped reading!

So this is my attempt to jump starting my life. 

Hello old friend live journal.  What have you been doing?  Really?  You've been sitting here too?  Let's go adventure together then!
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